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Kickstarting 'The Leg'

The disembodied, sentient leg of Santa Anna ventures on a quest to save Mexico.

Once upon a time in Mexico—more specifically, in the 1880s during the Pastry War—President Santa Anna lost his left leg when it was struck by French cannon fire. Santa Anna gave his missing limb a full military funeral (true story!). But when the Mexican people rebelled against Santa Anna (because he did insanely vain things like giving his limb a military funeral) and threw him out of office, protesters exhumed his leg, dragged it through the streets and cast it aside (also a true story!). It hasn’t been seen again…until now!

Our story is set in 1938, when the Leg has reappeared, clad in a tall leather boot. When the Leg learns of a new threat against Mexico, it embarks on an epic journey across the country, battling with villains both modern and magical in its quest to save the country and redeem Santa Anna’s tarnished legacy.

Will the Leg succeed in its quest? The answer lies inside THE LEG: The Remarkable Reappearance of Santa Anna's Disembodied Limb. Support it on Kickstarter!

The Leg
Van Jensen - Writer
Jose Pimieta - Artist
Matthew Petz - Colors & Letters
J Chris Campbell - Layout & Design

Buy our horror anthology

You’re in for a real treat! Prepare to savor every gooey drop of this deranged collection of drawings, comics and stories from some of your favorite indie artists. Wide Awake is a horror-inspired comic anthology sure to chill you to the bone (well, maybe the funny bone).

Wide Awake 666
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Epidemic of webcomics

Fun is contagious. Enjoy our sickness with a host of fantastically infectious webcomics from Brad McGinty (Battle Zoo), Joey Weiser (Monster Isle), Pat Lewis (Muscles Diablo), Josh Latta (Rashy Rabbit), Ben Towle (Oyster War), Jason Horn (Ninjasaur) and Rob Ullman (Ultra Lass). We can't contain the viral outbreak, so stay aware and lookout for the new webcomics we'll be adding all summer long.

Under each title there is a listing of 5 most recent comics. Click the link to see the comic from the comfort of the creators own site.

Monster Isle

Joey Weiser

Muscles Diablo

Pat Lewis

Rashy Rabbit

Josh Latta

Who Will Be Next?

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